Can CBD help with back pain? 

Is CBD right for you if you have chronic pain?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 10/12/2018 

CBD has been found to help a number of different conditions. These conditions include chronic pain, anxiety, acne, cancer, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, insomnia, depression and more. If you are wondering can CBD can help with back pain specifically, then the answer is yes- CBD can help with back pain.

Where to start with CBD for back pain?

You are able to buy CBD in the form of an oil, a cream or a vape e-liquid. If you use a CBD cream for your back pain then you will be able to rub the cream directly into the pain source. With the oil you are able to take it orally, which can take around 30 minutes to take effect, or you can choose to vape the e-juice to combat the pain within moments.

If you are looking for a quick way to get rid of your back pain using CBD then you might want to try vaping CBD or using a CBD cream. These will be the products which act fastest on your back pain as the cannabinoid will enter your receptors faster than if taken orally. You can buy CBD vape juice here to help with your back pain.

CBD for back pain can offer you an alternative medicine. If you have chronic back pain, or in fact any pain, you might be better off considering CBD rather than relying on more dangerous meds such as opioids which can cause withdrawal, nausea, drowsiness and addiction.

Where does CBD oil come from and where can you buy it?
CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant and is a cannabinoid extracted from it. This chemical will not get you high and has no negative side effects. CBD is legal here in the UK, you can buy it in health food shops and at Vape and Juice and the CBD Dispensary. Below are some CBD products we sell.


CBD Dispensary Tincture drops 250mg

This is not a vape juice. These drops go on your tongue to help to relieve you of your back pain.

This product is to be taken orally.


AK47 CBD Eliquid is taken from the plant extract flavouring of this famous Californian strain.

Features a pine and earthy original taste that is what you expect when you are vaping a natural CBD product derived from the original hemp plant.

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