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best vape to quit smoking

Best Vape to Quit Smoking 

Which Vape Kit will help you quit smoking? 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 11/01/2019 

Quitting smoking might be something you think about every New Year while people are making resolutions to get fit and healthy. Though maybe, just maybe, this year you don’t just think about quitting smoking, you actually do. 

Imagine that! No more smoking, plenty more cash in your pockets and a serious health improvement. 

There are lots of methods to help you quit smoking in 2019. You might choose nicotine gum or patches, inhalers, hypnosis, cold turkey or vaping.

In this blog we are going to share the best vape to quit smoking in 2019. 



This neat little kit is perfect for someone who wants something simple and easy to use when quitting smoking.

This device is good to use with nic salts which means you can have a higher quantity of nicotine in your tank (20mg). Due to the higher nicotine content you will find that you vape less as you are satisfied from the higher content. You are also able to use your starter e-juices in this device too. 

You will find this in red, black, silver, teal, blue and purple. Click here to read more about this one of the best vape to quit smoking.



This vape device is a little chunkier than others, however it is a great quality device.

At first when you quit smoking and start vaping you probably won’t be thinking about wattage and temperature control, however, you probably will as you get more comfortable with your vape.

Having these settings allows you to tailor your vape to get exactly what you want from it. If you are someone who likes a gadget then you might be better off spending a little more.



The Aspire Pockex is one of our best sellers for people just quitting smoking and using vape to help.

This device is pocket sized and fits nicely in the hand, in your pocket or purse. The kit is also really easy to use with just a fire button to think about.

The leak proof design, sub ohm capability and size is usually what draws people into this little number. The sub ohm capability means that you will have more option for different juices which will take you on a serious flavour journey. This is a great vape to help you quit smoking. 


If you are thinking about quitting smoking but you haven’t tried vaping and are not sure whether it is for you, stop by one of our stores. You will be able to try devices and juices to see what could work to help you quit smoking using vaping.

See our store locations here.

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