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Find the Best Vape Starter Kit to help you quit smoking 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 2/10/2018 

If you are just starting to think about quitting smoking and moving on to the vape, then you will want to know the best starter kit for vaping. If you start vaping with a kit that doesn’t suit you then chances are you won’t stick to it and will find yourself with a pack for 20 in your pocket. 

We don’t want that, and I’m sure you don’t either. 

At Vape and Juice we have sold the best starter kits to newbie vapers all over the world. When a someone comes in the store looking to quit smoking and start vaping, we give them options to try out to see what suits their needs best. 

If you’re not lucky enough to live local to one of our stores then this blog on the best starter kit for vaping will answer everything you need to know to get started, and will hopefully help you to pick the right kit too. 

How to know what is right for you

You first of all need to find not only the best starter kit on the market, but the right kit for you and your needs. If you are looking for something that replicates smoking the most then you probably will want to start with a mouth to lung device. You will also want something that you like the look of, fits in your pocket or bag, and one which has good reviews too. 

Here are our best starter kits to help you quit smoking. 


Aspire Breeze kit is an all in one device which is discreet and easy to use.

One thing that people really love about the Aspire Breeze Kit is its size. It is just 93mm tall and 33mm wide, with a 2ml tank. This makes it very convenient to take with you everywhere for daily vaping, fitting well into your pocket, purse or bag. 

This portable kit can easily be refilled with any beginner juice and is TPD compliant. We love the Aspire Breeze for its simplicity and style. 


The CoolFire Mini Kit comes in at the top of the range of the best vape starter kits. It is perfect for those who like a bit of a gadget as there is a little more too this one.

You can adjust your settings using the LCD display and the airflow to help you tailor your vape experience. It is 63mm tall [without the Slipstream tank] 42mm wide, so a little larger but still small enough for a pocket or handbag.

While this might be a little more of an initial investment it really is one of the best starter kits that you will probably want to keep as you get more comfortable with vaping.



The Endura T20s is a stylish pen style device. It has a long lasting battery of 1500mAh, ideal for those who aren't able to change their device through the day.

The kit comes with a 0.8 sub ohm coil to improve the flavour and smoothness of the vape. The ideal juice to get would be VG/PG 50/50, or a higher PG juice.

It's a powerful piece of kit and will be sure to satisfy your ciggarette cravings. One customer fed back "I was smoking 20 a day now 4 or 5". Great to hear that this one of the best starter kits is helping someone to cut down and quit smoking.

What Nicotine level should I put in my starter kit?

That depends on how much you have previously smoked. Here are some general guidelines:

1-7 cigarettes per day: 3mg - 6mg
8-13 cigarettes per day: 12mg
14 cigarettes and above: 18mg

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