Best High VG Vape Juice 

High VG e-liquid could be best for your device too 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 03/10/2018 

If you are after a thicker, sweeter, smoother e-juice and a hell of a lot cloudier vape, then you will want to know about the best high VG Vape juice available. 

High VG vape juice is best for big clouds and is ideally used in Sub ohm tanks, RTAs, RDAs and Vape Mods. It is a thicker consistency to PG which can gunk up and clog certain tanks. There are some great high VG brands on the market, which not only deliver on flavour, but clouds and a smooth throat hit too.

Here are some of the best high VG juices on the market

£11.99 - 3 x 10ml

Ripe Co. Pineapple has a rich and exotic flavour on the inhale with a menthol hit on the exhale. It is the taste of summer, fresh and fruity. It comes in fruity pineapple, zesty orange or juicy watermelon, all of which are mouthwatering, moorish and easily an all day vape.

This one of the best high VG vape juices comes in a pack of 3 10 ml bottles, with a 3mg nicotine content and a ratio of 60/40 VG/PG.

£14.99 - 50ml

This 0mg, sweet flavour will export you right back to your childhood and buying bubble gum sweets from the news agents after school.

If you like a sweet vape that promises and delivers on cloud and flavour then you'll love this one of the best high VG vape juices. It comes in at 70/30 VG/PG, and as a 0mg with the ability to add your own nic shots if required.  


£13.99 - 3 x 10ml

We love this high VG ejuice from Grinny Heath. It's an all day vape and perfect for you fruity vape lovers out there. The zesty hit mixed with the sweet limes makes for a delicious combo.

It is sold in 3x 10ml bottles, or 50ml shortfills and comes in at 70% VG. You can choose between 3mg or 6mg in this variety.

We love the Grinny Heath flavours at Vape and Juice. Check them out here.

Is high VG juice best for me? 

High VG vape juice will be best suited to you if:

- You like a smooth throat hit 
- Your device works best with a thicker high VG e-juice
- You're into big clouds 
- You prefer a sweeter taste- VG is naturally sweeter than PG
- You don't mind cleaning a little gunk out of your tank 

If you'd like to try out a high VG ejuice to see what you like best, come into one of our Vape and Juice stores. 

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