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Cotton and Kanthal Show - Vaping in the News #2

In this week's Cotton and Kanthal Show we chat about vaping in the news, including stories from IVG and their potential lawsuit, news from Dubai on their vaping regulations, Squonking regs and e-liquid flavouring bans creeping into force and then we share some info on the devices we’re using at the moment. UAE - Vaping in Dubai In the news this week you might have heard that UAE are lifting the ban of the sale of e-cigarettes in the country. You may have been to Dubai over the summer and while you didn't have any of your kit taken off...

Cotton and Kanthal Show - Vaping in the News #1

In the first ever instalment of our new youtube show, The Cotton and Kanthal Show, we chat about vaping in the news, vaping in Dubai, Leibniz biscuits and the fantastic selection of snacks at M & S service stations. Here’s the meat of what we spoke about for vaping in the news. If you want to hear more, including our favourite M & S service station snacks, then watch the Cotton and Kanthal Show here. First up, vaping is set to get more expensive for America. This is down to China imposing a 25% tax on products sent to the...

Best Vape Kits to Quit Smoking

THIS IS A BLOG TITLE  Subheading is Placed Here  Author Name, 22/08/2018  Aspire Breeze Kit £ GBP 26.99 View Options Aspire Pockex £ GBP 29.99 View Options Aspire X30 Rover 30w Mod Kit £ GBP 39.99 View Options Aspire Zelos 50W Kit -Available Now!!! £ GBP 54.99 View Options

Combat Withdrawal From Nicotine

Withdrawal from nicotine can cause some pretty nasty symptoms. You might find when you go cold turkey and quit smoking that you suffer with nausea, headaches, being impossibly irritable, have trouble sleeping, gaining weight, to name a few.  It is the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that stop people being able to quit the cigs. While they do subside over about four weeks it is often these tough weeks that lead people right back to an old faithful (but smelly) cigarette.  It isn’t nicotine itself that causes the diseases associated with smoking, it is the chemicals that go with burning tobacco, nicotine just...

Why does my vape taste burnt

Why does my vape taste burnt? Why does my vape taste burnt, is a common question for vapers new and experienced alike. Often its down to a few reasons, which we will go into more detail below. From your liquid, to your coil, to your wattage or to priming. That question "Why does my vape taste burnt?" is one we hope to answer for you below. You’ve just got yourself a new juice, in the shop it was smooth and tasted fantastic. However, once you’ve loaded up your device with the new juice it feels like you’ve just inhaled razor...



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