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 CBD for Weight Loss

Can CBD help you to drop body fat?

Becky Spencer-Davies

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an alternative therapy that is becoming popular. CBD has been said to help with conditions including anxiety, depression, PTSD, epilepsy, autism, cancer and more. You can even use CBD for weight loss. If you are someone who has struggled with weight then you’ll find more information on this topic on our blog.

How does CBD for weight loss work

It is said that CBD for weight loss helps by how it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. You mainly find CB1 receptors in the brain and central nervous system, whereas CB2 is found in the body. However, people with obesity have CB1 receptors that are spread into fatty tissue.

CBD influences the bodies cannabinoids to block or activate the receptors. It is believed that this is why it may help with weight loss.  

Studies on CBD for fat loss

CBD can also help with a number of issues which influence weight gain and helps with fat loss. There has been a study which shows promise for CBD reducing your appetite. By reducing hunger levels you can create a calorie deficit and drop weight as a result. In a study involving rats in 2012, it was found that CBD reduced their appetite.

You can also use CBD for weight loss to help turn bad fat into good fat, helping the body to burn more calories. Burning more calories is a great way to reduce body fat. In a study, it was discovered that CBD enabled the body to break down fats and convert bad fat into good fat. 

Could CBD work for me?

CBD for weight loss could work for you. We have heard lots of anecdotal evidence to suggest how the product can help with weight loss. Not only that, but it is also said to help you recover better after a gym session. This will allow you to go back to training sooner. More gym sessions in the week will mean more calories burned and more fat shredded!

You can even buy CBD protein powder to help increase your protein intake. Protein helps to reduce hunger and repair muscles. You can buy this from CBDStar. If this isn't for you then check out CBD tincture drops, or a CBD e-liquid.

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