Can I vape in Tunisia?

Everything you need to know about vaping in Tunisia

Becky Spencer-Davies, 1/07/2019 

Tunisia is in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert. Tunisia is, again, a popular tourist destination. People are drawn in by the warm weather, culture and blue seas and skies. There are many places in the world, such as Thailand, where vaping is illegal. If you are off on holiday to North Africa, you’re probably wondering, can you vape in Tunisia?

Can you vape in Tunisia?

Yes, it is legal to vape in Tunisia. So you can enjoy a cocktail by the pool with a full tank of Ripe Co. Watermelon. This is one of the most perfect poolside flavours, fruity and refreshing.

Where can't I vape in Tunisia?

Like most places, you may not be able to vape where smoking is banned. We always suggest that before you start puffing away in the hotel bar, make sure you ask the staff first. If the hotel allows it then be courteous of other people in the space. It might not be the time to be practising tricks! You should be fine to vape out in public spaces, such as the poolside, towns and beach. But, if you see a no smoking sign then take that as a no vaping too.

How should I travel on the plane with my vape?

Whether you travel on a plane, train or car, you need to pack your vape right. Whenever you travel, make sure you have an empty tank to help prevent leaks. When you go on a plane pack your device and e-juices in one of the clear plastic bags in your hand luggage, not in the hold. You need to have some charge in your device in case you are asked to demonstrate what the device is and does. Read our blog on tips for traveling with your vape.

Can I buy vape supplies in Tunisia?

There are a few vape shops in Tunisia. However, heading off on a pilgrimage to find one of these shops will take away from your chilled holiday. We suggest that you take all you need with you. Your shopping list might look like this:

Juice, plus extra juice because you’ll be vaping more than a usual week
2 spare coils
1 spare tank (in case you smash yours!)
A smaller pod kit (not necessary but good as a backup!)

What is the best vape flavour to vape in Tunisia?

As you’re on holiday and enjoying some super hot temperatures you should try refreshing flavours. Think ice cool menthol mixes, such as Doozy Avalanche, exotic lychee and a deep flavour of mixed berries with an icy exhale.

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