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Benefits of Eating CBD

Are you looking for a slow release of CBD? Read on.

Becky Spencer-Davies, 02/04/2019 


ne of the ways in which you can take CBD is by ingesting it. You can do so with tincture drops, edibles or by cooking with CBD. There are lots of recipes where you can add CBD to your dish to help relieve some conditions, ailments and daily stresses.

CBD has been found to help with conditions such as:

Anxiety and depression
Cancer symptoms
Sleep disorders
Nausea and headaches
Pain and inflammation

What are the benefits of eating CBD? 

Long lasting relief 

When you ingest CBD it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to have an effect. However, the effects lasts 2-4 hours longer than other methods. The CBD will slowly release into your bloodstream as the food is digested. While this might be frustrating if you want fast relief it will stick around a little longer.


Eating CBD is a very discrete way to take it. When you use a dry herb vaporiser or a vaping device you will need to go outside in most places. You will also exhale little clouds, which might not be discrete enough for you. If you have some CBD edibles, such as CBD brownies in your bag you’ll be able to enjoy them whenever you need relief. 


When you take CBD, whether it is edible or e-juice, it will not contain any THC. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant that leaves users feeling “high”. When you ingest CBD you will be left feeling calm with positive energy. You can enjoy a long lasting relief from mild pain and stress of daily life.


Making your own CBD edibles, such as brownies or biscuits is really easy. You can either use CBD oil or the leftover plant matter from your dry herb vaporiser. Stir this into your brownie mix, butter, or biscuit batter for a delicious treat to enjoy anytime.

How should I take CBD?

How you take your CBD is up to you. Some might find that eating it works best for them, where another might enjoy vaping it. Read our blog to help you decide how you should take CBD.

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