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Ignite CBD in London

Ignite CBD in London

Ignite CBD vape kit

Where can you buy Ignite CBD in London?

You may have heard of Dan Brandon Bilzerian.

He is an Armenian-American internet personality and gambler who is best known for his lavish lifestyle. You've probably seen the parties, gym sessions, yachts, girls and everything in between on Instagram.

Ignite CBD is his brainchild. This brand offers high-end cannabis products and boasts it only to be derived from the best quality hemp. You will now be able to buy Ignite CBD in London! We will be stocking the products in our stores across London and the UK.

buy ignite CBD in London

What is Ignite CBD and why should I try it?

Ignite CBD is a quality product that you can trust. We only stock brands that we personally have tried, tested and love ourselves. This means that our customers get to be sure to have a great product. Ignite CBD offers various ranges of CBD. There is one to give you energy, another for focus and one with a lavender flavour to help you relax and unwind. They offer a CBD for every time of day and every situation.

Buy Ignite CBD London in a vape juice or tincture drops. We will be stocking the rechargeable vape pod, CBD pods and CBD tincture drops.

All of these have their own benefits. Vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the cannabinoid as it enters your bloodstream within minutes. Tincture drops take a little longer, say around 15 minutes, depending on your metabolism.

Will Ignite CBD get me high?

The reason why you get ‘high’ from cannabis is because of THC. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant that can cause hallucinations, hunger and giggles. When you buy ignite CBD London you will notice that there is 0% THC in the products. The legal limit of THC is 0.2%, which will not be enough to make you have any psychoactive effects. If you are concerned about THC showing up on a super strict drug test then opt of something like Ignite CBD as it contains 0%.

Get your hands on the best selling Ignite CBD

"If you can’t make your way over to Archway, Clapham, Elephant and Castle, Enfield, Highgate or Islington, then order online."

How do I order Ignite CBD if I'm not in London?

At Vape and Juice we send products all over the world, including London. In fact, we have a few Vape and Juice stores in London where you can pick up the CBD. If you can’t make your way over to Archway, Clapham, Elephant and Castle, Enfield, Highgate or Islington, then order online. We offer next day delivery if requested. Buy Ignite CBD now.

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