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How does CBD vape make you feel?

Note: This ‘How does CBD vape make you feel’ Article, has been co-authored by Dr Andres Maldonado M.D., in line with the ‘Vape and Juice Medical Review Policy’. Check out our Medical Editorial Team or policy in general at the link.

How does CBD vape make you feel? is a question you will be tapping into Google before you think about taking it. You might have heard positive stories about how it makes you feel, or maybe you are worried about any adverse effects.

We’re going to take you through everything you could want to know to give you a clear picture of how CBD vape will make you feel before you try it. We point you in the direction of medical research and our own blogs that are co authored by a Doctor, oh and the law too.

how will CBD vape make me feel

Here’s what we will be covering in this article 

What is CBD vaping?

It’s always good to start at the beginning. Sorry if we are teaching you to suck eggs, but here we go. CBD vaping is where CBD e liquid is heated in a vaporiser and inhaled into the lungs by the user.  

The liquid is made from VG, PG and CBD, as well as flavourings and is designed to be used in small pod kits or starter vape devices – not your big sub ohm cloud tanks. However, that being said, there are some CBD juices, like Big Fat CBD that are high VG and better for sub ohm kits. Make sure you check the bottle of CBD eliquid to see what the ratio is. 

I’m also going to note here that while it is called CBD vape oil sometimes, it isn’t actually oil. Tincture oil drops and CBD eliquids are NOT the same. 

Can I overdose on CBD?

Here’s some good news. You can’t overdose on CBD vape oils. However, it is important to get your dose right to make sure that it works right for you. 

You should remember that more isn’t always best. In fact, some research suggests that higher doses make you feel sleepy, so if you have a full day of work ahead, it might be better to have a smaller dose. 

You can find out all about how to work out your sweet spot using our CBD dosage calculator.

While you can’t overdose on CBD vape oils there are some mistakes you could easily make that might not make you feel great, could make you feel nothing new and can even be dangerous. These include:

  • Buying hemp oil thinking it is CBD – these are not the same. Hemp oil is a great oil buy contains no CBD
  • Vaping CBD tinctures – This is an oil designed to be taken orally, not heated in a vape device
  • Vaping THC oil – this is dangerous. In fact, many of the cases of mysterious lung disease came from vaping THC oil. Read our blog on Dank Vapes and why to avoid them!
  • Vaping CBD that is not the correct strength or dosage for you – this isn’t dangerous, but if you use a dose that is too low for you then it might not have the desired effect. Follow our CBD dosage calculator 

What effect will CBD vape have on me?

It is difficult to say exactly what effect CBD will have on you personally, however, we can tell you about the most commonly reported effects. These include:

  • Relaxation
  • Sense of calm
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Feeling tired / alert (dose dependent)

We look into the benefits of CBD vape on our blog which has been medically reviewed and co authored with Dr Andres Maldonado M.D..

CBD Vape Vs CBD Oil

Head to head – CBD oil Vs CBD vape oil. Which one takes the crown in terms of effects, speed of delivery, discreet method?

You might have made up your mind already and are in camp vape or CBD oil. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. 

CBD oil pros 

  • Easy to use
  • Discrete 
  • Different strengths 
  • Doesn’t require any other equipment like a vaporiser

CBD oil cons

  • Can take longer than CBD vape to have an effect

CBD vape pros

  • Most bioavailable (which basically means fast acting)
  • Tastes great, authentic cannabis or vape like flavours
  • Different strengths 

CBD vape cons

  • Little bit more of an expensive outlay 
  • Not as discrete as oil
  • Vaping is banned where smoking is

Are there side effects to vaping CBD?

Research into the adverse implications of vaping CBD and taking it any which way are still being studied. Currently most of the studies have been done on animals or in-vitro conditions. We know there is more work to be done on how it might help users and the adverse impacts too. 

We go into greater depth on all of this in our CBD side effects blog (just click the text back there to read it) Dr Andres Maldonado M.D. is our co author on the blog and has given it a good fact check. 

For those with not enough time to read that guide, we need to be sincere and tell you that they exist. Fortunately for the users, most of the time, unwanted effects are mild (abdominal pain, nausea, excessive sleepiness). There are others that are very uncommon, such as palpitation and paranoia episodes. Remember that if you start feeling “not well” after consuming any kind of products, the first thing you should do is to take the advice of a health care professional.

Will CBD vaping get me high?

You might have made the connection that because CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it is going to get you high. It isn’t. The cannabinoid that is responsible for making you feel giggly, sick, paranoid and spaced out, is THC. THC is illegal in many countries, such as the UK. It is this that leads cannabis to be illegal. 

So no, CBD will not get you high. The only way it could get you high, was if it contains an amount above the limit permitted of THC. 

You can read more about CBD’s legal status and why it won’t get you high on our blog Is CBD Vape Legal?

For now, here’s some info from .gov on the subject

“For a CBD and other cannabiniod products to be lawfully available for human consumption it needs to either meet the Exempted Product Criteria in Regulation 2 of the MDR 2001 or the definition of a CBPM in Schedule 2 to the MDR 2001 for its possession to be lawful.”

Will CBD vape make me fail a drug test?

This kind of carries on from our previous point. CBD doesn’t contain THC, which is illegal. Unless your drug test is also testing for legal substances then it shouldn’t cause you any issues. It would be like them testing you for tea consumption. 

To put your mind at ease we conducted an experiment where our founder took CBD everyday for two weeks and then took a drug test. Watch it below. 

How does CBD vape make you feel?

CBD can affect us differently. It could depend on the dose or your delivery method. You may feel calm, relaxed, alert or drowsy.

We suggest that you do the following when you are not sure the answer to ‘how will CBD vape make me feel?’

  • Try it for the first time at home in case it makes you drowsy 
  • Start on a lower dose to assess how you feel
  • Vape your CBD with food 
  • Take a few puffs then set it aside for 30 minutes to see how you feel rather than chain vaping as this could make you lightheaded

“Remember if you have any kind of psychiatric conditions or any other disease, it is important to consult with your doctor to make sure about the safety of the product with yourself”

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Any other questions drop us an email or DM on insta. 

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