How to take CBD 

What are the ways you can enjoy Cannabidiol (CBD)

Becky Spencer-Davies 

Cannabidiol or CBD is growing in popularity, as are the ways in which you can take CBD. CBD has been around as an alternative therapy for thousands of years. Although the modern world is coming up with innovative ways to enjoy the effects of the cannabinoid. So how do you take CBD? Do some ways work better than others? And which would suit you best? We answer the most common questions about how to enjoy cannabidiol.  

How to take CBD 

CBD E-liquid

CBD e-liquid is one of the most bioavailable ways how to take CBD. When you vape a CBD e-liquid it enters the capillaries in your lungs and works into your bloodstream. To vape the cannabinoid you need a basic vape kit or pod device and some specific CBD e-liquid. You cannot vape the oil drops!

CBD tincture drops

Tincture drops are a popular and simple way to take CBD. You drop a few drops of the cannabinoid on your tongue or on the inside of your cheek for it to take effect. This typically takes up to an hour to take effect and lasts for around 4-6 hours. The benefit of taking it this way is that you can do it anywhere, whereas vaping has restrictions in public spaces.

CBD beauty products

You can take advantage of how CBD benefits your skin, helping to reduce free radical damage, reduce inflammation and redness, help with acne issues and anti-ageing. You can find CBD beauty products on CBDStar, including body lotion, face day cream, night cream, bath bombs, beard oil and more. 

CBD edibles

CBD edibles enter your bloodstream via your stomach. These can take longer to have an effect as they have to mix with your digestive juices and the food you have eaten. However, the effects can last for around 6 hours. You are able to eat CBD in your own baking, such as CBD brownies. Or you can buy pre-made edibles, such as gummies, protein bars and protein powders. 

CBD drinks 
CBD can also come mixed in drinks, or you can mix it in yourself. Pre-mixed CBD drinks include tea and soft drinks. We have also heard of CBD alcohol shots.

How do you take CBD for fast and long-lasting effects?

If you are looking for fast-acting and long-lasting effects we would suggest you try vaping or tincture drops. These are the top two most bioavailable ways to get relief. Vaping requires a little more of an investment as you will need to buy a device, however, you will want a starter kit so it shouldn’t break the bank. Once you have your kit your only outlay will be new e-liquids which come in different flavours. 

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