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cbd for gym muscle and weight loss

CBD for Weight Loss and Muscle Recovery

CBD weight loss and muscle gains

Could CBD help you lose weight?

Whether it is the start of the New Year or summer holidays there is always some added motivation to get yourself into the gym. In January 12% of members sign up to a gym getting on the back of the New Year new me hype.

If you are someone who has always struggled with the gym, due to anxiety, motivation or just feeling too damn sore after one session, then you might be interested in CBD for weight loss and muscle recovery. 

CBD has been considered a useful tool to help with weight loss, both directly and indirectly. It isn’t a magic oil though. Of course, you need to put the effort in with your diet and exercise, however, CBD may help you in various ways that relate to weight loss. Including sleep, anti-anxiety, muscle recovery and possibly even appetite suppression. 

In this blog, we are going to let you in on all the ways in which CBD may help aid weight loss. We will even share some great CBD oils that you might want to try to give yourself the best chance at building muscle and dropping body fat.

CBD for muscle recovery 

In a previous blog post, you may have read how CBD helps with pain and inflammation. When we train hard at the gym or start a new exercise regime, you might find yourself suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) up to 72 hours later. This is due to tiny tears in your muscle fibers. They break down and build back up, stronger and bigger than before. This helps you to build muscle and get stronger.

It can sometimes cause such discomfort that you might find yourself skipping the gym until you feel better again. This isn’t going to be good for your gains or your weight loss. CBD oil is said to bind to TRPV1 receptors and desensitise them. These receptors are known to mediate pain, inflammation and body temperature. 

Reducing this muscle soreness sooner using CBD may help you to get back into the gym the next day, rather than a week later. The more often you are going to the gym, then the more chance you have at burning calories. After all the weight loss equation with or without CBD oil is calories in vs calories out. 

CBD for sleep and weight loss

Poor quality or a lack of sleep can cause weight gain. This is because sleep deprivation causes hormonal changes in your body. These hormones regulate hunger and appetite. Not only are hormones affected, but when you are tired you are less likely to have the motivation to go to the gym or out for a run. The more appealing situation is sitting down and maybe even eating biscuits!

CBD has been known to help you get a restful sleep. It can help those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. It may have a calming effect that makes you drift off and stay asleep throughout the night. 

One reason why it may do this is because of its ability to reduce anxiety and stress levels. If you are tossing and turning due to overthinking, stress or anxiety about the day ahead then CBD may help. In turn, getting enough sleep can prevent you from reaching for the high energy sugar snacks too!

We go further into how CBD helps you sleep in the video below.

CBD for anxiety 

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety and find that the gym or exercising in public is too daunting due to these anxious thoughts, then CBD may help. 

CBD has been studied and found to help reduce social anxiety. In one study people were split into two blind test groups. One group was given CBD, the other a placebo. They were then asked to perform a public speaking task, before and after the CBD or placebo. Those who were given the CBD said they were much less anxious than those who had the placebo.

Just take your dose of CBD 30 minutes before your workout if you are using oil drops. If you are vaping CBD then you might vape it in the car before you head into your exercise class. 

CBD for appetite suppression and weight loss 

We’ve already mentioned the magical equation of weight loss, calories in versus calories out. If you’re eating more calories than you are burning day to day, then you will gain weight. 

Some people have a high appetite, this might be the issue causing you to look towards CBD for weight loss. CBD does come from the cannabis plant, however, it does not increase your appetite as THC does. In one study involving rats, it was found that the cannabinoids CBD and CBG decreased appetite. 

When you eat less and move more, you will find that you begin to lose weight and CBD may be able to help to suppress your hunger levels. 

So to conclude, CBD isn’t a magic potion for weight loss. However, it may have an effect on your energy levels, your muscle soreness, and even your appetite. 

Which CBD should I try?

At Vape and Juice, we stock a selection of CBD oils. One that we recommend for gym goers is FLEX CBD. It is amongst the strongest CBD concentrations in the UK. With 30% there is 3000mg of hemp-derived broad spectrum cannabis oil in every glass dropper bottle. 

FLEX CBD contains 0% THC as it is broad-spectrum. However, you will still enjoy the benefits of the added terpenes. The fact it contains absolutely no THC means that it will not show up on a drug test, even though CBD is legal, this might be a concern if you have sensitive sport drug testing. 

This CBD is an oil which you drop under your tongue or the inside of your cheek. You don't vape it. If you are interested in vaping CBD, check out our CBD vape guide.

Check out All Green TVs vlog on CBD and drug testing. 

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