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Can CBD Help with Eczema?

CBD to relieve the skin condition

Becky Spencer-Davies, 02/05/2019 


czema is a skin condition affecting 15 million people in the UK. It causes the skin to become cracked, itchy, inflamed, dry, sore and red. It can be treated with creams and ointments. However, more people are looking for more natural remedies to help treat their condition. One of these is CBD for eczema.

CBD for eczema is particularly appealing for those who don’t want to put harsh chemicals on their skin. But does it work? Can it help to relieve the itch and redness without the use of prescribed creams, lotions and potions?

Will CBD help with Eczema?

The National Eczema Association suggests that the reason why CBD may be helpful to those with the condition may be due to cannabinoids having an anti-itch effect. Alongside this CBD is also known to help reduce inflammation and has antibacterial properties.

On our skin, there are receptors which interact with the cannabinoids. This is how it helps to reduce symptoms and appearance of eczema. The National Eczema Association said, “These effects happen through a constellation of interactions between phytocannabinoids and our endogenous cannabinoid system.”

The human body has an endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) which produces its own cannabinoids. These bind to receptors in the brain and the body.

In a study by this association, it was found that when CBD interacts with the ECS it prevents immune cell activation. When these cells are activated they release histamine which causes inflammation and itching.

CBD is being researched for its benefits more and more. One study on CBD for eczema revealed that when patients were using an endocannabinoid cream their itch was reduced by 60%. 20% of the patients were able to stop their immunomodulators and 38% stopped their oral antihistamines.

How do I take CBD Eczema?

Of course, a CBD cream might feel like the obvious option. However, there is also the option to vape, eat or use tincture drops. These methods are known to work faster and be the most effective. How ever you decide to ingest the CBD, whether through your skin, mouth or lungs, as long as it is in your system then it can take effect.

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