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Innokin Coils | Which one do I buy for my Innokin kit?

Innokin Coil Guide for Zenith, iSub, T18-20 vape kits Innokin coils are renowned for being a little more confusing than other kits. There are so many variations of coil and it is very important to get it right. Something as small as the coil having an E on the end would mean a totally different […]

Best MTL Vape | Vape Review

Use these quick links to navigate this page Best MTL |  Why MTL |  Advantages |  Best MTL Kits |  MTL Kits Best MTL |  Why MTL |  Advantages | Best MTL Kits |  MTL Kits Mouth to lung, or MTL, vape is the type of vaping style that closely replicates smoking. This is due […]

Best vape for a heavy smoker

Use these quick links to navigate this page Is vaping safer than smoking? |  Side effects |  Can vaping help |  Best for a heavy smoker |  Best for a Rollie Smoker |  Best for a Menthol Smoker |  Best for a Cigarette Smoker Is vaping safer than smoking? |  Side effects |  Can vaping […]

Does Vape Juice Expire?

Has my vape juice gone off? So you’ve just found your favourite juice from a few years ago, down the back of the sofa. The juice has been discontinued and you are desperate to get your tank full up of this nostalgic flavour. But, before you do that, you will want to know, does vape juice […]

Vape and Juice Store Announcement

PRESS RELEASE VAPE AND JUICE Vape and Juice announces that it is transferring its wholly owned retail stores to the Totally Wicked Group. The two UK e-cigarette retail chains have come to an agreement, where Vape and Juice’s offline and online operations will be separated. Vape and Juice will continue to trade as an online […]

Can you Vape in Turkey? What about the plane?

Are you heading off on holiday? In this blog, we will share whether you can vape in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Dubai and Tunisia. We also answer some que You’ll also find out whether you can vape on the plane and how to safely take your vape through airport security. Read this to avoid some nasty holiday […]

Why does my Vape Spit and Crackle?

Vape Spit, Crackle and Pop Have you ever noticed that your vape spits and crackles? Are you wondering why does my vape spit? It can be pretty annoying getting hot vape juice fired back at you. Thankfully, there are a few tricks to make sure that your vape device doesn’t do this.  Why does my […]

Different types of vape device – Pros and Cons of each

Which type of vape device should you choose? If you are just considering whether to start vaping, then you might start researching different devices. There’s a whole world out there and it might feel a little daunting as you move away from the simple cigarettes you’ve always known. However, you shouldn’t let it put you […]

Will Vaping Affect My Life Insurance?

I vape now, so will insurance be cheaper? We know that smoking is a high-risk lifestyle. With it being accountable for 25,000 deaths in the UK each year, it is no wonder. It will come as no surprise that as a smoker you will pay a higher premium for your life insurance. How about if […]

Evapo Shop Near Me – What are the other options?

Is Evapo the Only Option  Evapo shop may well be the vape shop brand that you know from the high street. However, what if you’re in a new town and when you Google search “Evapo shop near me”, nothing comes up? What are your other options?  Obvious options might include finding another vape shop near […]


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