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'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Charlie at Canvey Island


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It's that time again! Here's this weeks episode of 'The Face Behind the Clouds' and another opportunity to get to learn a little bit more about our best online vape store uk team. 

This week we're in Canvey Island and we'll be chatting to our man Charlie. Lets get this show on the road; over to you Charlie! 

Vape and Juice Canvey Island

How did you get in to vaping?

Way back in 2012 I noticed a small stall had opened near me selling cigalikes, so I took the plunge and bought a starter kit.  I quickly noticed the benefits of vaping, but also the cost of buying the replacement cartridges, so I moved onto a CE4 kit (and then a K1 style ego tank). I used that for a good 12-18 months (whilst still indulging in the odd crafty ciggy). 

By this time the market had moved on dramatically, Aspire had brought out the Nautilus and Atlantis, so I snapped up both of those along with the eleaf 50 watt. The rest is history.

Vape and Juice Canvey

2) What is your favourite flavour Charlie?

I'm a bit old school and always keep a tank of good old' B&L (tobacco), handy for my morning coffee, after my dinner, or on a big night out.  Apart from that it's tough to choose but I like anything melon based! Zap's Melonade or Naked All Melon are always in reaching distance at the moment.  Naughty juice's Dragons Milk, any of the Lolly Vape Co. Range, Flavour Cloud's Berry Blast, Sherlock Ohms Bohemian Scandal (apple pie). I could go on and on. 

3) What is your favourite vape set up?

My favourite combo when I am out and about is my Aspire Pockex and my eleaf iCare, both are so discreet. The iCare is the size of a lighter and the Pockex is sleek, stylish and gives great flavour.  You can check out our iCare video review below -

When I am at home or in the shop, for performance and flavour it doesn't get much better than my Wismec RX2/3 and Cleito 120. Saying that my Nautilus and Vaporesso Target are never far away (I can't wait to get my hands on the Nautilus 2).

4) Most commonly asked question's

5) Top Tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond! 

GET IN WHILE YOU CAN! If you enjoy big vape tanks for big vape clouds or just the convenience of not having to fill up regularly, snap yours up before May 20th, because after that date the whole industry will be limited to selling only 2ml capacity tanks. Personally I will be picking up an extra Nautilus 5ml and Cleito 120 at least.

Other than that, don't believe everything you read online, don't be afraid to ask in store and happy vaping one and all. 

Glen Waters

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