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About time too - Vape and Juice shops to stock own brand UK made 50/50 ejuice


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A lots been going on at Vape and Juice; first with the new stores in Enfield N21 and Canterbury, but also with discussion over which direction to go in terms of sourcing juice that can maintain our standards. This month you will begin to see the Vape and Juice logo on a selected range of ejuices, with the hope we can expand this as demand grows. It's important to us, that any changes we make to the juices we stock is a decision based on integrity and quality; we don't want to take away flavours you like, so instead we will maintain these flavours but strive to produce a better quality product with our own name on it.

All of the Vape and Juice branded juices will be UK made and carry a 50/50 PG VG make up. We know many of you out there are less fond of the higher PG make ups of the generic well known juices; so to respond to this; the majority of our juices including tobaccos etc will be 50/50. If it says Vape and Juice on the bottle it will mean its from the UK and is 50/50 - that will be our guarantee to you.

It will take a little time to change over all flavours and we will be offering sample tests to focus groups to ensure we make the right flavour choices. Our prices won't change, but the quality will increase even more.

Happy Vapers = Happy Vape and Juice

David Mason

I'm the founder of Vape and Juice and the face behind Vape and Juice TV on Youtube. When I'm not stealing Heisenberg from the warehouse, I give retail advice on Deathground's Retail Podcast and the Vape News related Cotton and Kanthal Show, on Spotify and Apple. I began vaping in 2009 and have been involved in the industry since 2013. Contact me on LinkedIn.

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